The Masterclass

If you’re looking to book more brides, have joy in your business (instead of working nearly 7 days a week), and stay ahead of all your competitors by becoming the leader in your local market, this program is for you.  

Come create ease in your business so you work less, increase sales and become known as the go-to wedding woman in your market. In this program you’ll learn to create a signature client experience so you  get raving reviews and watch yourself fall back in love with your business and your clients all over again!


Right now you’re on this page because you’re burned out from working nearly 7 days a week, you’re always concerned about whether you’ll break even this month, and the fear of a bad review on social media from an overly-demanding bride is REAL.

I was right where you are right now: desiring to work less and hire help, so you can begin to feel sane again, but looking at your over-stretched budget and knowing that you don’t even have an inch of space to hire the help you need.

You want to feel confident about your business – you know you’re brilliant at what you do, but new competitors and the difficulty of social media can make it feel like it’s impossible for your dream brides to find you.

Fear of failure keeps you working all the time, and when you’re not working, you’re dreaming about working. Your dreams for your business are big! But the reality is that right now they feel impossibly far away.

You’re not ready to give up on them though – and that’s why you’re here. Someone must have figured out how to reach the brides you dream of working with – what’s the secret to wedding business success that you don’t know yet?

You started your own business to have freedom from the 9-5.  You want to be your own boss, be recognized as the best in the biz and it goes without saying, you want to make good money for what you do. After all you’ve done you know you have earned it. 

You’re good at what you do and you knew being in the wedding business would be your dream career. It’s your destiny to run a successful small business.

You want to take a vacation like everyone else does, you want to take back date night with your hubby and spend time with your kids.  That’s why you are risking it all. 

You want to be excited about work, inspired to do the work you love to do. You know you should be rewarded for the risk and for the work: You’re helping brides live out the day of their dreams! 

  • Increased sales. To easily book more brides and have a full calendar 12 months out!
  • Less overwhelm. To be able to hire help and work less so you have reliable people assisting you and stop working nearly 7 days a week.
  • Systems for success! You know systems work, but you have no idea where to start.
  • Good reviews. The fear that one bride could get on social media and ruin your reputation and business is real (we all know that thanks to Pinterest brides have huge expectations).
  • Ideas on how to generate more business. New competition is always popping up! You want additional items or offerings to sell so you stand out and are able to serve your brides well.
  • Easy-peasy social media so you know what to say to grow your followers and engagement without feeling so overwhelmed and uncertain about it.
  • To be seen as the leader in the market. You know you could be the most sought after , but how do you actually become that?
There are several problems holding you back, and it can feel like the list of problems keeps growing.
New competition is popping up every day.  You feel like no matter how wonderful you are, someone new is always getting a piece of the business that should have been yours.

There is no time to rest, you feel pressed to follow up with a bride ASAP. There is no way to tell if she’s a price shopper or a serious candidate, so you answer the phone no matter what time of day it happens to be.

You feel that pressure, almost like someone breathing down your neck: if you don’t act fast someone else will book her.

Once you book her, you have to keep her happy or you risk for getting a bad review.

Honestly it’s exciting and exhausting all at the same time.

That’s what happens when you have big dreams for your wedding business but you’re just starting out.

It looked easy when you were first getting into it, but now, it’s slowly killing you and you don’t want anyone to know how hard it is. You have to show up, look pretty and put together all the time, if you don’t, what bride would ever book you?

But how can you keep it together any longer?

How long before your whole business comes crumbling around you and all the dreams you have turn into nothing?

You know you can’t keep this up, but what can you do?

“I greatly value is the personal service she provides to her customers.  Debbie is a wealth of knowledge in the wedding industry and she wants to see her customers succeed.

 Large companies and big business have boards and committees of people that specialize in different areas of their industries to rely on and to help grow their companies.  Small businesses do not. We are mostly comprised of owners and sometimes a small staff of people. 

Having other professionals in our industry such as Debbie, help fill this place for us. Sharing her expertise, coordinating events between companies to create success for everyone and going that extra mile are just a few of the things she is good at! 

Small Business owners in the wedding industry need professionals to partner with. Doing business with Debbie Shadid has done more for me then bring brides through our doors.  She has shared her knowledge and created avenues for us to find other professionals to work with so that we can take care of our customers and grow our businesses. 

Thank you Debbie Shadid!”

Rebecca Belflower

Belflower Wedding Chapel

“I’ve known Debbie with Wedding Ideas now for 5 years. Being a brand new photographer to town I sought out local advertising options and formed a connection right away with Debbie on so many levels! Her fresh style and take on the wedding industry fit so perfectly with mine and seeing my work beautifully crafted and designed in the pages of her magazine was worth everything right there.

The real secret though is Debbie herself (although this is no secret if you have ever met her!). She is attentive and will go to bat for you in any way possible. Plus, she is just super fun to chat it up with!

She has helped me make connections in an industry in which relationships are the key to success.”

Amanda Zabrocki


“The Wedding Business [Institute] was a game changer for myself and my business.

As a bridal shop, my clients experience is different from that of a normal retail experience. The competitive nature of the wedding business and niche market has made it hard to relate to other retail owners and harder to reach out to other bridal businesses around me.

Debbie’s coaching broke down those walls and without hesitation I was able to share some of my biggest challenges alongside other people that had similar struggles. WBI allowed me the opportunity to stop working in my business and work ON my business. I started asking the hard questions and was reminded why I started this in the first place. I saw a whole different perspective of what I wanted my life and my business to look like.

The support I’ve received both from Debbie and the other vendors in the group has been overwhelmingly positive and exactly what I needed to find within our industry. In the short time I’ve been working with WBI I’ve welcomed a new baby, added a new profit system and am preparing to re-open my shop in a new location next month. I couldn’t have walked into any of the hurdles this year without the planning and support of WBI.

The knowledge that has come from our coursework, coaching and gatherings is priceless. I am forever grateful that I said YES to WBI!” 

Ally Vitali

Moliere Bridal

I’ve been where you are for the last 18 years.  Running my own small business. I understand the fears that you have faced, I know the ebb and flow of the business and the long hours you have & are putting in. Our livelihood depends on my success, I had a mortgage to pay. I was so worried about failing, wondering what would people say.  OMG! What if I had to get a real job! I knew I was working my butt off but the results were not coming.

I began to learn how to say no, I decided to let some things go that were basically busy work. I hired help, I had to set my “control freak” aside and let others take some of the tasks.  The truth was, there were other people that could do some of the things I was doing better than I could.  By letting go, my business actually grew.  I made more money by getting help. My life would have been so much easier if I would have made the changes earlier! It’s hard to imagine how much bigger my business could be today if I would have ask for help.  

Can you see why I’m so passionate about helping others?

I want to make this easier for you. I want to share with you what I know now. It took years for me to discover a simpler way to run my business. Let me teach you.  

I only wish I knew then what I know now. 

I can only imagine that you are looking for an easier way too. 

Today I worked with a client you said, “I want to learn from your experience, you’ve been around 18 years, you’ve seen it all, you know what works. I’ve only been in business 3 years and I want you to teach me how to make it easier.  Show me the way.”  And that’s exactly what I am doing for her, teaching, leading, and cheering her on to success.

And that’s exactly what I want to do for you. Why?

Because I’ve been there, I know what to teach you. I know what has worked in my business. I redesigned my business so I could have what I wanted. I’ve created something really magical and now get to pour my heart into something that really matters to me.  Helping talented women reach their potential is what I am meant to do.  I know now that all my business experiences have brought me to this here.  Because I have a thirst to always be learning I dug deep and learned everything I could about running a business. I hired coaches and took countless online classes.  18 years later I know why  my businesses worked so well.  I was always, coaching, teaching and mentoring my clients. I wanted them to have success. I wanted them to have great relationships outside of work.  Why not have it all? It’s possible, I know it because I do have it all.  A happy marriage, time to care for my family, I have time for church, and all the other things that mean so much to me.  I’ve hired the rest out. That’s what a successful business can do for you. Let me show you how. 

Core Benefits

With the Wedding Business Institute, I’ll help you create ease in your life, not just in your business. 

A small business owner’s life and business are woven together.  What if you could create real work hours and feel like you were on top of it all?  I’ll help you make it fun! 

I want you to be able to dream and achieve all that you imagined when you first dreamed this business up.

Here’s what we will learn during our 12 months together in Wedding Business Ideas:

Strategy #1 – Understanding your Business

We’ll take a Deep Dive into every aspect of your business.  The information gained from this process will help us determine what you need to change (or focus on) to create the success you desire in your business.


Strategy #2 – Revealing Your Unique Personal Brand

You will uncover your personal brand and discover your true strengths. You’ll learn to use these strengths as you create your one of a kind personal brand message.


Strategy #3-Building a Business Brand to Attract Your Ideal Client

You’ll learn everything you need to know to create or expand your brand so you can stand out in your market and so you can attract brides you love to work with.


Strategy #4 – Creating Your Customer Service Process

I’ll share a variety of tools, systems, and software options to help you create the processes you need to turn clients into paying customers.  You’ll learn how to get organized so you don’t become overwhelmed as your business grows.


Strategy #5 – Crafting Your Clients 1st Class Experience

Reviews are GOLD. You’ll learn how to create your own process that is unique and meaningful so you will capture the heart of your clients forever and turn them into raving fans.


Strategy #6 – Mastering Your Marketing

We’ll cover it all; bridal shows, events, online marketing, print, networking, and more.  The goal is to help you reach your ideal client with a very low cost per acquisition. You’ll learn how to create a 12-month social media plan that will help you drive sales.


Strategy #7 – Making Sales Easy

You’ll learn how to engage with your clients in a way that feels authentic.  We’ll cover how to get past the “how much does it cost” question so you can actually have a conversation outside of email.


Strategy #8 – Getting Legally Covered

Our resident legal expert discusses contracts and agreements. I’ll share the steps to presenting contracts so you won’t feel pushy and uncomfortable.


Strategy #9 – Successful Implementation

You’ll learn the specific system I’ve used to make real progress in my business. I’ll share a method for implementing your goals in your business; a system that makes big projects easy to finish.


Strategy #10 – Know Your Numbers

Most creatives have no idea how to track their income and spending and are totally overwhelmed at the thought of tackling it. I’ll walk you through the numbers that matter and help you devise a system that makes it less overwhelming.


Strategy #11 – Plan Your Profit

You’ll learn my unique system to approaching profit in your business.  It’s a concept not widely practiced in the Wedding World. This will bring total transformation to your life and business, allowing you to leave your full-time gig or to finally make the consistent cash flow you need to live with ease knowing you have a plan in place to create profit.


Strategy #12 – Keeping Your Head in the Game

Business is tough and burnout is real.  I’ll share my winning strategies to keep you motivated and moving in your business. You’ll learn how to put on blinders so you can stop comparisonitis and live your business life with ease.

Plus, you’ll have live virtual Q & A time every Monday. We’ll come together and I’ll answer all your questions. You’ll hear what others are struggling with and hear how I solve their challenges too. 

You’ll get my full attention. I will help you generate ideas for more sales and we’ll take a hard look at profits, people and the services you offer. This is my favorite time.

Finally, you can join others in our private Facebook group. It’s all female wedding biz bosses. We’ll share ideas and you’ll continue to learn through our Facebook living training events.

The Logistics

Here’s how this works over the next 12 months.
Every other week you will receive an email will a link to our group taught lessons. You’ll also get the slides from the presentation and a set of action items for you to do.

Our live Q + A time will be every Monday evening 7 pm CST, or Tuesday morning 10 am CST. I’ll stay as long as it takes. You can be confident and sure that I will get your individual needs taken care off. No more waiting around to understand the process. I’ll be there to help you understand your lesson so you can take immediate action. The group Q & A time give you a chance to connect with other lady bosses and hear first hand that you’re not alone in how you feel. There’s a good chance you’ll find a new girlboss friend to bounce ideas off of as the months and years go by.

Our bi-weekly lessons (and Bonuses) are recorded and released to you by email so you can work ON your business instead of IN your business.

PLUS! You’ll have the opportunity to book a personal coaching session with me. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of your business and get you positioned for success.

As a small biz owner you get caught up in spending all of your time working IN your business. Taking care of immediate needs, putting out fires. This time you can choose to be intentional with your time and work ON your business so you can actually accomplish the things that will give you freedom to have the life you really desire.

When we start into business we don’t think about how the business side of things is going to work. After all, there is no “class” you can take before you open a business telling you how to do it. I’ve worked IN the business for 18 years. I’ve created that “class” that everyone needs to succeed. Wedding Business Ideas is a complete program that will equip you with everything you need to know so you can run a profitable wedding business. 

If you’re ready to make the investment in your business to reach new levels of growth, click the button below to apply.

“The class was definitely great for us in our first year of business. We learned so much about find our focus, goal setting, marketing, conflict resolution and simplifying all that we do, just to name a few.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity and implement these skills in our daily routines. Debbie, you are savvy, professional, comforting, kind hearted and such a problem solver and you have the best ideas!!!!  

We look forward to the many ways we can learn and GROW with you.”

Ginnifer + Jessica

Owners & Operators
Daffodil Hill

“I have always admired Debbie Shadid for her knowledge in business. What has Debbie done for me for my wedding business? She has inspired me to be different, bold, take challenges and not be afraid of my choices and goals for my business. 

What I didn’t realize was how endless her business knowledge is.  Wedding Business Ideas gives you the educational tools, guidelines and community of talented vendors working together. Debbie’s one to one time is invaluable to my success as she helps set specific strategies to achieve my goals and vision for my company.

Hands down, WBI is your choice for business growth.“

Gisela Wolfinbarger

The Grand Canadian Theater

“Debbie has great ideas to merge your personal brand with your business brand. There is a great learning curve in starting a business in the wedding industry and WBI offers such great insight for professional growth.”

Ashley Layden


You know you need to do something to see your business succeed. This is your time to say YES and watch your business grow like you never imagined it could. Won’t you join us?

What happens after you apply?

Schedule your free no obligation Business Strategy Session. I can’t wait to dive deep into your business and offer solutions to help you grow your business.

On this 45 minute call we will take a look into what is going on in your business, we’ll uncover the real cause of the fear and worry you are secretly harboring. You can be straight with me, I’ve been there myself and I’ve help countless ladies over the years. I’m sure it’s overflowed into your personal life, I understand that too. I’ll show you how I can be of service to you. Ultimately, we both need to know that I have the solution for you.

If we agree that you’re a great fit for Wedding Business Ideas, then we will discuss the program details and get you going today.

I’ve got all the details worked out, pay with a card or pay with PayPal,whatever works best for you. I’ll send over my agreement for your e-signature and you’re good to go!

I’m ready to help you open this exciting chapter of your life!

You’ll receive our Welcome Packet outlining all the program details. If you’re ready to schedule our private mentoring session I can send you a link to my calendar. I’ll send you an invite to our FB Group and you’ll be all set. 🍾💕  

Be sure to add me to your email address book or make sure I don’t end up in your Promo folder for Gmail or end up in your SPAM or worse yet your TRASH.

What makes this program different?

The Wedding Business Institute can change your wedding business and your whole life.

It’s a bold statement to make, but I have done this for years so I can confidently stand by that statement.

I’ve done thIs myself; I’ve created a dream business and have been successful in this competitive field.  I know what it takes, I’m not a planner or a photographer teaching you how to do those types of things, I’m someone who has run a successful business. 

As one client recently pointed out to me, she choose to enroll in WBI because I had the years of experience that the other coaches in the field did not have. She explained that the market was full of people offering classes and mentorship but they only had a few years of wedding business experience and they only worked in their given category. (like Photography or Florist)

I’ve got something that no one else has, that’s experience with businesses from every category of wedding services. I’ve worked closely with hundreds of clients who provide every kind of wedding service you could think of, invitations, entertainment, wedding cakes, catering, bridal gowns, venue owners, planners and so many more.

I’ve earned the respect of my peers by being honest and transparent with the pains of being a business owner.  I’ve been in business longer than just about anyone I know in the wedding business and have been able to do this because I’ve stayed current with business trends, I’ve educated myself on new technology, new systems, and I’ve studies what’s worked for other successful people.  I’ve got my own coaches helping me day in and day out with my business.  I know it’s essential to my success.  Find someone who can mentor me to success.  I can do the same for you.

What makes this program different is that you will have all my skills, experience and expertise in your corner so that you have everything you need to create the business and the life you desire.

You’ll leave our program with a confidence you have not had in your business in the past. You will know that running a successful wedding business is not only possible, it is exactly what you’re going to do from here on out. 

You’ll feel supported and finally be armed with the tools that make running your business easier.  You’ll feel so good about your business you won’t have to push to close the sale, or run after every bride you hear of – you’ll know that what you are offering is a one of a kind experience that only you can deliver. And your brides and future brides will know it too.

It’s time to take the leap you’ve been putting off. You deserve to have a sustainable business that will let you lead your best life possible – it’s time to say YES.

The Wedding Business Institute transforms the lives and businesses of Female wedding business owners. This is for you if you are ready to:

• Eliminate the doubt and fear to create an unstoppable confidence.

• Have a social media plan that works and it needs to be authentic to your brand.

• Learn the skill of closing the deal and booking the bride.

• Know exactly who your ideal client is and feel empowered to say no to clients that don’t meet YOUR requirements – that way you’re not trapped trying to meet the needs of a nightmare-bride at the last minute!

• Be able to project and plan your finances for the next 12 months. No more depending on the flow of newly engaged brides.

• Review and plan a year full of sales and bonuses. No more panicking about cash flow.

• Know what you need to hire out and what tasks you love to do. Maybe it’s serving the bride on their wedding day instead of working behind the scenes.

Who is this NOT for?

Wedding Business Ideas is not for you if you are a(n):

• Employee of a wedding business

• Business owner who already knows it all

• Business owner who is scared of change and unwilling to try new technology

• Business owner who is unwilling to invest in themselves and in their business 

We’re looking for the cream of the crop. Devoted, hard working, inspired wedding business owners who know they need that extra support to get to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries, everything is recorded and you’ll have access to the information for an additional 90 days after the completion of the program.

Lots! You might need this more than the newbies.  You need to get up to speed so the newbies don’t steal any more business from you.

Email me at [email protected] or visit our private Facebook community to get support for other class members. You can also join us in our group coaching calls, present your questions there and if we don’t know the answer to your questions we’ll follow back individually. These group calls are scheduled each week on Tuesday morning at 10:00AM CST.

If you’re struggling then I don’t see how you can’t invest your time in finding a better way, in finding a solution. Wedding Business Ideas will break you out of the pattern of worry and fear. You’ll finally feel supported.

Yay for you!!! I’m so happy to hear that you have peace of mind in your business. This is something that few business boss ladies have. Use this to your advantage, you’ll be one step ahead of many. You’ll be able to implement new ideas on organization, learn new ways to build your sales, increase your profits and so much more. Lucky you! You’re just the kind of Lady I love to work with. We get things done.

I can say for certain, you are.  If you can send an email, you can click a few buttons and you’ll have full access to anything Wedding Business Ideas offers, it’s that easy.

Ladies who own and operate a wedding business. If that’s you then great, you’re in the right spot. I only work with ladies that are 100% committed to wanting more and are willing to grow.

I can bet that you aren’t making money because you don’t have the training you need to run a successful wedding business. Most of us entered the wedding market with an idea of how we could run our dream wedding business, who doesn’t love the wedding business?  The problem is, you didn’t know how to run the business and who knew you would have to be a salesperson too.

I’ve got experience that no one in the market has. I’ve worked for 18 years with all kinds of wedding professional in all stages of their business.  No one in the market offers that level of expertise.

Read the testimonials of the clients I’ve worked with, contact them. They can tell you anything you want to know.

Easy, I use Paypal and I process credit card payments through Stripe.

I do not offer refunds and/or cancellations. All deposits are non-refundable. All contracts and purchases are binding.

Still have more questions?

Email me at [email protected]. I will return your email within 1-3 business days.

Click the button below to apply for your seat in the Wedding Business Institute Masterclass today!

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