positive mindset

How often do you really LOOK at the good stuff?

We are absolutely surrounded by things to cherish, but we’re often so busy in our hustle and bustle that we forget to appreciate it.

We blaze through the little joyful moments without barely looking their way, but the speed bumps REALLY stand out. They get all of the attention and energy.

What happens when all we see are the negative bumps in the road?

Chronic negativity, stress, complaining, lack of enthusiasm, and burnout, to name a few. 

And how joyful are any of those things?

I don’t know about you, but I want to live a free, joy filled, peaceful and abundant life!

I want to wake up each morning excited to start my day! Don’t you?

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28 Days of "The Magic"

A daily conversation based around the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.

This group discussion takes place in my FREE Facebook Group, The Women’s Business Success Club.

Each day I’ll post a video on my thoughts for that day’s reading, any emotions it provoked, and questions it made me think of. Join us to watch how influential practicing daily gratitude can be!

April 26th – May 23rd


This group will...

Help you intentional practice gratitude in your life

Break each reading down into just a few minutes and one or two easy steps.

Give practical advice on how to implement this gratitude into your daily life

Help us focus on what we have vs what we lack

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