56: Ep. 56 – Post COVID Lockdown Business Drama

Ep. 56 - Post COVID Lockdown Business Drama

In this episode…


Post COVID Lockdown Business Drama


Women’s Growth + Success coach, Debbie Shadid, talks to you about your thoughts about the future. She is challenging us to look at what we believe is going to happen in business after a year of lock down.


What does the future feel like to you? Are you thinking that it’s here, freedom – we’re finally ready – business is going to boom?


What you believe guides what happens in your business – we business is booming because everyone is ready to break free or do you believe it will be hard because people still want to stay in their small close inner circle?


My hope is that you will choose to believe it’s going to boom.


As the voice behind your brand, the energy of your business, you will attract what you think. You’ve heard me say it over and over – the women I worked with this last year who believed business was going to happen anyway & that they could figure it out, did figure it out. The same thing goes here.


Don’t enter into the month of April believing you are in uncharted territory. You know what to do in your business. Market with enthusiasm and be so attractive that you will bring people to you.


I recommend that today, you stop and look at what you believe will happen in your business post COVID lockdown.


Challenge every single one of the thoughts that you have to see if you could prove yourself right or wrong. Look for the possibility of where it could be true.  Business could boom and see how you can step into that role as a business owner who “knows” it’s going to be incredible for the balance of 2021.


You are writing your business story. Every day you get to decide what the next page says. You don’t have to have HAD success to be successful. It can begin today.  


How do you want your post covid lockdown story to read?


Business does not just happen to you, you make it happen.


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