57: Ep. 57 – Redefining Success on Your Terms

Ep. 57 - Redefining Success on Your Terms

In this episode…


Redefining Success on Your Terms


Women's Growth + Success coach Debbie Shadid talks to you about redefining your success by exploring five areas of your life to see how to set your own standard for what success is for you.


The business world is driven by numbers, and truthfully, numbers matter in business. It's important to know how to be profitable, to track all of the essential items to keep your business moving in a positive direction.


But for most of us the numbers just don’t do it in terms of “success.” We’re generally looking for something deeper than just a six figure goal. 


What should success look like to you?


Women tend to look at our life as a whole with various aspects needing to balance out. We need to find harmony in our business, household, relationships, and selves in order to feel like we’re succeeding in life.


For each one of us, this looks different – we may be more dedicated to our business and self-growth, and keep our household responsibilities to a minimum. 


And these change with the seasons of our lives. We may need to lower our business responsibilities to take care of more personal matters. 


The point is, success looks different for each of us and can fluidly change throughout our lives. 


So let’s take some time to redefine what success looks like to you, right now. 


Here are some questions to ask:

  1. What does personal success look like to me? (i.e. your personal growth, wellness, fitness, learning, and how would you measure it)
  2. What does business success look like to me? (i.e. profit, total sales, number of bookings, number of followers, the amount in the bank?) 
  3. What does relationship success look like to me? (i.e. focus on your significant other, finding a significant other, focusing on yourself, etc.) 
  4. What about your family, your kids, your other family members? (i.e. being at home with kids, caring for elderly parents, etc.)
  5. Then there is the everything else bucket. (i.e. friendships, your job, your religion, volunteering, etc.)

Your success plan should be specific, measurable, and based on time.


You need to have realistic expectations for yourself. 


YES, I want you to grow – now more than ever – but do it in a way that allows for you to have some kind of freedom with your schedule.


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