58: Ep 58 – Quitting on Your Dreams

Ep 58 - Quitting on Your Dreams

In this episode…


Quitting on Your Dreams


Women’s Growth + Success Coach, Debbie Shadid, talks to you about how we can sometimes be quitting on ourselves.  


You have dreams.


I know you do – you're here. I think we were born with a vision for ourselves, and we spend our lives trying to change our minds about it. 


Our beautiful creative mind can come up with so many brilliant ideas. We are born with ideas to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what do we do about it?


Coming up with an idea and not following through is quitting.


Sometimes quitting is not so obvious. Quitting can be a bunch of tiny actions that eventually lead to failure, which causes most people to quit.


Would you quit your dream?

Have you quit on your dream?


I think we all have, and we all do. Most of us keep going even when we are allowing small unconscious quits. We don't recognize what we sometimes do that slows our journey to living out our dreams.


The truth is, your brain is designed to keep you safe. It's so sneaky. How many times do you have a great idea, and then before you even start – you tell yourself what a dumb idea it is? One minute it's a million-dollar idea, and the next, it's a bad idea, and you move on. 


That's your primitive brain keeping you safe, keeping you in the cave.


I hope that today, I've caused you to think about how you are quitting on yourself.

Building a business is about building your mind. 


If you want to find out more about building your business with marketing, sales, and profit strategies – I can help. The magic formula is how to strategy and the million-dollar mindset work that goes with it. It's dream building. 


Join me – don't give up on your dreams. Don't let small tiny quits set up for failure. Deepen your belief of what you can do, what you will do.


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