59: Ep 59 – The Business Dating Game

Ep 59 - The Business Dating Game

In this episode…  

The Business Dating Game


Women’s Growth + Success Coach, Debbie Shadid, talks to you about how you can bring in more dream clients using a process built to attract, engage, and lock them in – just like in dating life!

The Business Dating Game is, simply, a sales funnel. Don't take off yet – sales funnels are so helpful in maintaining contact with potential clients and building trust until they're ready to say YES. 

You want them, and you want them to want you to. So it's time to get to know each other and let them see why they need YOU in their lives. 

This powerful funnel will be a step-by-step process that guides your potential customer one step closer to your offer, service, or product. It's going to weed out all of the folks who aren't the perfect fit for you until a few STUNNING clients drop into your emails.

Here are the five steps in any sales funnel:


  • They first notice you across the room


  • The shiny thing that catches their eye. Your little black dress could be the product that will solve their problem.


  • Show them how having you in their life will ultimately change it for the better, make them want you in it even more.


  • Interacting with your target – holding a conversation and learning about one another.
    • This process can take a while! Some fall at first sight, others take a bit to realize what's right in front of them.


  • The sell! They know you're amazing and are ready to commit to some one-on-one time with you.

 Your sales funnels will vary in length and presentation depending on the product, platform, and other variables, but they all have the same ultimate goal: bring your people to a buying decision.

And this is done through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages that will do the selling for you. 

Join Debbie as she walks you through all of the details of these five steps and all the different marketing avenues and how the funnel works with each marketing outlet.

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