63: Ep 63 – 3 Ways to Move Through Fear

Ep 63 - 3 Ways to Move Through Fear

In this episode…


3 Ways to Move Through Fear in Your Business


Women’s Growth + Success coach, Debbie Shadid, talks to you about 3 ways to move through fear so you can grow your business faster, enlarge your life, and have more of everything.


Fear is the big looming obstacle that keeps most people from reaching their goals, dreams, potential – their ideal life. 


Most of us WANT to put ourselves out there more, to experience more, to meet new people, try new things, etc. But fear holds us back. 


We’re scared of how we’ll look.

We’re scared of others’ reactions.

We’re scared of not meeting others’ expectations.

We’re scared of being discovered as a fraud. 


And what’s the result?


We don’t put ourselves out there. 

We don’t be ourselves around other people.

We don’t offer the services we want for fear of failing.


We hide.


Can you relate?


Are you tired of being passive and letting your life pass by? Are you ready to learn how to move THROUGH fear instead of being held back by it?


Fear is just the primitive cavewoman screaming at you to hide and be safe. She means well, but you’ll never see the world from your cave. 


Tell her not to worry. You’ve got this.


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