Are you ready to close more sales and

We've all been ghosted before.

And, I know, it’s no fun. We meet a bride who seems really sweet and fun to work with, anxiously reach out to her and…crickets. 

Or we open up an email from a potential bride who’s excited to have found you and wants to know your prices. You type out an email back with a quote and…more crickets.

It’s so frustrating knowing you’re leaving potential leads sitting in your inbox, but you have no idea how to reach out to them. You’ve probably searched online for more effective ways to retain a lead, but haven’t found any solutions specific to our wedding industry. 

That is, until now.


Email Scripts for Wedding Business Owners

A printable ebook containing email scripts for nearly every occasion, including initial contact, booking an appointment, price inquiries, and more.

Help you create a reserve of canned emails so you don’t have to type it up each time

Helps keep your communications consistent

Help you develop professional & tailored responses

Help you make a positive & lasting impression on your leads