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It’s time to banish your anxiety around planning and writing social media content. 

when you're creating social media content do you...

we're alleviating all of those struggles right now

I’ve partnered with a social media expert to offer you a complete, done-for-you solution to your social media marketing woes. 

The Social Media Content Vault

A done-for-you solution of prewritten captions, researched hashtags, and beautiful FREE stock photo resources so you always have beautiful images to stand out on social media – even if you don’t have your own photos yet.

PLUS, all of these captions can be customized and repurposed to stretch the amount of posts you can get out of each one – AND the same captions can be used on more than one platform! You can schedule your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. using the same spreadsheet.

Now that’s a great value.

what you get


・ 30 wedding related captions ・ 

・ 7 sets of wedding hashtags ・ 

・ List of FREE photo resources ・ 


Perfect for any type of wedding business owner who needs a done-for-you solution. 

$97 Value

"confidence comes from being prepared."

john wooden

Take the guesswork out of posting.

Many of my students feel frustrated or anxious when developing social media content and, honestly, I can’t blame them! There’s a lot of pressure to get it right every time, and it’s a lot to handle.

That’s why we developed this planner that will help banish your anxiety about posting to social media. It’s time to take one less heavy task off your todo list.

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